Frequently Asked Questions


When will the Senior School open?

Current plans place the Senior School opening at September 2020.

Can Chinese national Students register in the school?

Yes, MH Group will be holding two education licenses (International School License and Local School License) and thus enable both Chinese national students and foreign passport holders to register.

What criteria are most important to the Assessment Team?

The Admissions process is selective at all grade levels and the nature of the assessment tools used is dependent on the grade level the student is applying for.

Our school is interested in students of strong character, who have demonstrated at their prior school(s) that they have the intelligence, curiosity, and motivation needed to succeed in our classrooms. In addition, the Assessment Team looks for students who have the ability to contribute to the extracurricular life of the School, be it artistically or athletically. The primary academic criteria are a student's grades, teacher recommendations and performance on our school's standardized tests. We seek for students that would be successful under the holistic development of our school.

Are there any preferences given to particular students for admissions?

Some preference will be given to children of Mission Hills' members and property owners, and siblings of enrolled students. However, please note that all candidates must be assessed and must meet entry criteria, and possession of a Mission Hills membership, property, or a sibling status does not confer an absolute guarantee of admission.

What is the boarding to day student ratio?

Our Pre-School and Prep School is 100% day school. For students entering into the Senior school, students can choose to live on campus in one of the School's boys' and girls' dormitories. Our dormitories can accommodate approximately 70% of the Senior School students.

Do you offer school bus services to and from school?

Yes. We currently have 5 school bus lines: Futian line, Longhua line, Bantian line, Dongguan line and Luohu line.

Does the school have a hot lunch program?

Yes, our school will leverage on Mission Hills' acclaimed chefs, exquisite dining menus and varied cuisines, to feature healthy, balanced, tempting and varied meals, in accordance to the seasons, to children and staff, within our own school canteens. Menus are changed periodically and Chinese and western food choices are available each day.

What is the school's homework policy?

Homework is an integral part of school life and helps children to understand that learning also takes place outside of school. Homework is relevant to class work and teachers give what they believe the child can handle comfortably and independently.

Parents are not expected to help students with their homework. However, parents of younger students are encouraged to read with their child as it forms an integral part of their child's language development.

Especially for Pre-School and Prep School students, how can parents help with their child's language learning?

Parental support is always very important for a child's learning and parents are encouraged to provide an environment at home which encourages their child to use both English and Mandarin at home.

Parents are also encouraged to maintain close contact with their child's homeroom teachers as well as attend our school's workshops which we conduct from time to time to better understand their child's learning.

How does the school communicate with the parents?

At our school, we view effective communication with parents as an integral partnership to best enable the child's development. There are many different channels for parents to communicate with the school. The school sends out bi-weekly newsletters on Friday informing parents of announcements concerning their child and the school. Teachers also send class notes via emails and WeChat to parents on an individual or group basis, as needed. Parents are also free to contact their child's teachers by email, WeChat, or over the phone through the School Office. Various meeting sessions are also arranged during the course of the year such as Parents Coffee Mornings and parent-teacher conferences.