Message from Leadership

At Bromsgrove School Mission Hills we believe that young children have a right to joyful experiences full of awe and wonder. We value and love each child with professionalism and passion.

Message from Leadership

  • Message from Anna Packman

    At BMH we believe that young children have a right to joyful experiences full of awe and wonder. As naturally curious beings, once inspired by outstanding teachers, innovative resources and informed pedagogical approaches, our students will begin to ask questions and explore answers. This is when the fun really begins - with students working, playing and learning together, investigating possibilities and forging their own understandings through intrinsically motivated engagement.

    As students progress into the Prep School the strong foundations that have been laid in the Pre-School by engaging play-based learning are built upon as they delve deeper into inquiry-based learning. Students work in a cross-disciplinary way, using skills from different area of the curriculum to answer questions, solve problems and pose theories. Within one Inquiry Unit, for example, students may use their Visual Art skills to create sketches from their natural environment, use Geography and Maths to plot outside spaces for fieldwork to explore what they have seen, uncover and understand flora and fauna they find using Scientific skills and draw conclusions about our responsibilities to our environment based on their understanding of Values and Morality. Making such connections through inquiry helps our students make meaning of what they are learning at school, understand the value of different skills and knowledge and achieve successful outcomes through ownership of their own learning and actions.

    Our physical development programme makes the most of our unique Mission Hills location and resources, drawing on expertise from the golf and skating coaches to provide specialized experiences in world class facilities. By creating a balanced approach to education for our youngest students, we set them up for success. We believe in promoting excellence in all its forms, so starting young can never be a disadvantage when the focus in on enjoyment and participation.

    As adults, we are role models for our children in all that we do. At BMH we believe passionately in strong partnerships between home, school and the child. We are excited to meet you, to get to know you, to foster a love of learning in your child together and to build relationships that will strengthen our understanding of your child's personality, talents and future. Through open and respectful communication, we feel certain that our growing community of learners will flourish.


    Anna Packman
    Head of Pre-School and Prep School

    Anna Packman, Head of Pre-School and Prep School


    • Assistant Principal
      • Shen Wai International School, Shenzhen
      • 2014-2015 (1.5 years)
    • Head of Early Years / Nursery Teacher
      • Shen Wai International School, Shenzhen
      • 2012 - 2014 (2 years)
    • Head of Early Years / Classroom Teacher
      • The British International School, Shanghai, Puxi Primary
      • 2009 - 2012 (3 years)
    • Senior Leader, Head of Year, Teacher Governor, Coordinator, Classroom Teacher
      • Strand on the Green Infant School
      • 2003 - 2009 (6 years)
  • Message from Arlene Chen

    In my humble opinion,the truth of education happens in a life dialogue between teachers and children.

    All children are blessed with possibilities of a unique and beautiful life journey; for education to reach its potential should be offered in a safe and natural habitat, respecting children’ life and their principles. Based on that a good education and learn community should occur in an inclusive environment, accepting and allowing the natural diversity of life itself.

    Good teachers are full of love for living and life. With love and patience, teachers may wait and see growth and transformation. Good teachers are also life-long learners, staying hungry and staying adaptable before the ever-changing society and modelling how to pursue excellence. Therefore a successful campus is a dynamic, loving and creative community.

    Good education is for the future with broad mindedness and international vision, providing global citizens for the future world.

    Arlene Chen Deputy Principal

    Academic and Career Backgrounds:

      • Bachelor Degree from Zhengzhou University
      • 1998-2002
      • Master Degree from Warwick University
      • 2004-2005
      • PhD part-time course from Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy Sciences
      • 2015-2017
      • Teacher of English at Zhengzhou Shengda University of Economics,Business and Management
      • 2002-2004
      • Class Homeroom Teacher and English Supervisor at Cambridge International Centre,Wuxi Guanghua Private School
      • 2006-2007
      • Deputy Director, Director at Cambridge International Centre, Beijing New Talent Academy
      • 2007-2018
  • Message from Penny Liu

    I believe that a good international school must reflect the diversity of a multitude of nations and cultural tolerance, identify the beauty with each of them, share the beauty and achieve unity. Bromsgrove School Mission Hills is exactly such a school in no doubt. We wish every child in BMH will be able to take root in China but also with an international mind. From this perspective, we combine traditional Chines Five Constant virtues: Ren、Yi、Zhi、Xin with modern western civility. Through cross-cultural communication and inquiry-based learning, students will learn to respect differences and show their personality, pursue excellence and become a compassionate global citizen. At the same time, we will guide students to discover the relationship between humans and nature, humans and society, humans and humans, humans and ego, and then find and identify their value.

    With a blend of best practice from both East and West, teacher and students will experience a memorable journey in Bromsgrove School Mission Hills. Through interaction of teaching and learning, multiple intelligence development and cultivation, everyone is unique, they have the courage to explore and innovate to make their miracle on the world.

    Every parent who has chosen or will choose Bromsgrove School Mission Hills has done serious research and comprehensive comparison, and agrees with our education philosophy. As such, let us hold hands and combine our energies to help children grow up with happiness, health, vivacity and elegance.

    Penny Liu, Principal of the School and Vice-Principal of Chinese Curriculum

    Here are some highlights on her professional career:

    • Vice-president
      • Maple Leaf International School, Zhejiang
      • 2016-2017 (1 year)
    • Head master , Vice-president of
      • Yongmao Primary,Secondary school, Guiyang. Guizhou
      • 2015-2016 (2 years)
    • Teacher
      • Tiejun Primary School. Foshan, Guangdong
      • 2002 -2014 (13 years)
  • Message from Yola Fu

    We firmly believe that every child has a unique personality, talents and endless potential. A love of learning may last a lifetime if we nurture and cultivate each child's individuality and respect and care for each child’s differences. Our priority is promoting a life-long love of learning through our tailor-made model of education.

    We aim to create a colourful, authentic and dynamic environment for children, so they can actively try, explore and experience, enjoy happy learning and be inspired with self-confidence to form their own unique learning style.

    Here you will feel the warmth and the fusion of various cultures. In this small world, different languages, customs, cultures, and ideas slowly meld and nourish our hearts and allow children to thrive. Balanced teaching and learning in both Chinese and English will help our children with their holistic development in terms of knowledge, skills and personality, and foster children’s genuine passion for learning and establishing good learning and living habits.

    To all our dear children, it is your mission to inherit the traditional Chinese culture and it is your vision to perceive the benefits of the modern globalised world. Ideals illuminate the road ahead of you and passion enlightens the years of youth. Facing the ocean, you will find yourself surrounded by blossoming flowers in spring.

    Yola Fu, Deputy Head of Pre-School

    Ms. Yola Fu has worked in education for more than 13 years and has a wealth of teaching and management experience in both local and international kindergartens. She was awarded “Outstanding Principal in 2013.

    Here are some highlights on her professional career:

    • Principal
      • Hong Kong Pinot International Kindergarten
      • 2016-2018
    • Principal
      • Chunlei Kindergarten
      • 2008-2016
    • Teaching Director
      • Hong Kong Wei Cai International Kindergarten
      • 2006-2008