Senior School

Bromsgrove Academic Results are superb. A bespoke Careers and Universities department with a dedicated team of specialists will advise and guide students through their career at Bromsgrove School Mission Hills and beyond to top Universities across the World.

Senior School

  • Academic Overview

    Our Senior School is the next phase of our development and we aspire to achieve outcomes in line with our Partner School in England. Bromsgrove Academic Results are superb. 

    We expect everybody to work hard and to accept that if they choose Bromsgrove School Mission Hills, they are aiming high and wide and never settling for anything other than their best. There are easier schools to come to than BMH; but if you settle for less you get less. Students are happiest when they are succeeding. Our philosophy demands that every student should aim to be as academically disciplined and as intellectually enlightened as they can reasonably be. 

    Students will enter Senior School in Senior 7, moving up from Prep 6 from BMH Preparatory School, or passing admissions assessments to join us from elsewhere. They will continue their inquiry-based and holistic journey and prepare for our iGCSE programme with all students working towards this within Senior 9 and 10. In the final two years, students will engage in A-Levels and our bespoke Careers and Universities department, with a dedicated team of specialists, will advise and guide students on the A-Levels they select, based on their successes at iGCSE and aspirations for top Universities across the World.

    However, these official programmes are only part of the story, and numerous opportunities to learn and explore outside of the classroom ensure that breadth remains the byword, with enrichment programmes available to meet students’ needs and help them reach their full potential.

  • Support and Monitoring

    All Bromsgrove School Mission Hills students should be stretched well beyond the confines of the curriculum, but the most able sometimes need specially tailored programmes. Comfort zones are unhelpful places for young, lively minds.

    Able students will be identified using a variety of methods including aptitude testing, recommendation by subject teachers, results in tests and performance in examinations. Senior students join subject specific groups and have extension sessions. These aim to prepare the students for Oxbridge and World Class Universities entrance, but are designed to be as enjoyable as they are rigorous. Oxbridge and World Class Universities preparation and equivalent also involves one-to-one tutorials and seminars on broader themes.

  • Reports and Effort Grades

    The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. ~Mark Van Doren

    Reports are always written to encourage and advise, but they are above all honest. Effort, organisation and attainment grades are awarded throughout the year. Tutors and Houseparents add overviews to the detailed subject comments that constitute a full report, so a student is never left merely with a sum of the parts. Whenever a student is failing to fulfill potential, they will be given positive guidance alongside any criticism.

    There will be parent-teacher interviews and meetings for each year group. Parents are most welcome to visit tutors and teachers throughout the year.

  • Tutoring and Pastoral Care

    It is always the case that students must come first, and systems second. However, good pastoral care – the kind of pastoral care that really does focus on individual issues rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution – must be a carefully monitored system with a structured approach in place to support each child.

    Tutors listen, encourage and support. Pastoral care is not something that happens when things go wrong: it should be happening every second of the day. Tutor groups are small , relationships are warm and open, and transparency is essential.

    Numerous backgrounds are represented at Bromsgrove School Mission Hills, and we teach that nobody has a monopoly on self-expression. students gather regularly for assemblies when good news is imparted and any important whole School messages are delivered. These gatherings are crucial in establishing the ethos and expectations of the School.