Teaching at BMH

Apply today to work alongside highest qualified faculty, within a vibrant and embracing community.

Teaching at BMH

We welcome your interest in joining the faculty at Bromsgrove School Mission Hills. We are looking for dynamic and collaborative individuals who are passionate about education and keen to become part of an exciting new school community. At BMH, we firmly believe that an exemplary school is highly dependent on the recruitment and development of caring and engaged teachers who have a demonstrated record of success and ability to inspire students to reach their full potential.

New schools provide great opportunity to build community and tradition. New schools are a good match for teachers who are positive, flexible, innovative and keen to make meaningful contributions to the school as it grows and matures. New schools are places for those who thrive in a busy environment and enjoy working in teams to establish a newly constructed identity and reputation.

We would be pleased to consider you for a position with our growing foundation team if this profile is in line with your interest, skills and accomplishments.

  • What We Offer
    • A commitment to build a pre-eminent learning community with superb facilities and resources.
    • A respectful and caring atmosphere.
    • An opportunity to work in a professional environment where high expectations are the norm and where growth and innovation are supported.
    • Teaching teams with a commitment to collaborative planning.
    • Opportunities for leadership within the school
    • A blend of East and West approaches in a unique and balanced curriculum
    • Collaboration with our Bromsgrove UK partner school
  • Compensation and Benefits
    • Competitive International School salary with annual gratuity (paid in Chinese RMB)
    • Responsibility allowances (expatriate and local hire)
    • Relocation allowance (expatriate hire)
    • Annual home leave with round-trip transportation (expatriate hire)
    • Subsidized, furnished or partly furnished housing in an apartment on the school campus/Mission Hills Resort (expatriate hire)
    • Furnished studio apartment is the Mission Hills staff accommodation (local hire)
    • Tuition discount for faculty children in accordance with school policy (expatriate and local hire)
    • Chinese National staff will follow the government mandatory insurance program and expatriate staff will have a separate International Health Insurance Plan
    • Professional development opportunities (expatriate and local hire)
    • Sick, personal, maternity and paternity leave (expatriate and local hire)
    • Support and costs associated with obtaining an employment visa in China
    • Access to Mission Hills facilities including school sports field, Eco Park, neighbouring resort swimming pool and gym, some access to golf and tennis, Mission Hills nature trails.
  • Teacher Qualifications

    To be eligible for placement on the salary scale teachers must hold a university/college degree and a teaching qualification (i.e. Bachelor or Masters of Education, PGDE, PGCE). Successful candidates will usually have at least two years of relevant teaching experience. Preference is given to those who have worked in international schools and those with English Language Learning experience.

    For the Pre-School and Prep School, we look for candidates who are well versed in the principles and practices of frameworks based on childcentred and inquiry-based approaches such as IB PYP and Reggio Emilia.

    Demonstrated use of technology in your teaching practice is an asset. A willingness and ability to support the school's goals in terms of holistic development and therefore lead co-curricular activities are important attributes that we look for in teachers. Please be aware of this required assignment as it usually involves a commitment of time at lunch, after school or on weekends.

  • Academic Year

    The school year for teachers begins in mid-August and closes in mid-June with a one-week National Day break in October, two-week Winter Holiday at the end of December, and a two-week Chinese New Year holiday.

  • Professional Development

    We intend to facilitate a culture of professional growth at BMH. We acknowledge that good teachers want to expand their repertoire and are constantly seeking ways to further develop their craft to an optimal level. This requires an investment of time and resources and support from the leadership team.

    Bromsgrove School Mission Hills is committed to organising, leading, supporting and funding relevant and appropriate professional development opportunities for its staff. Professional Development (PD) will be driven by school-wide or divisional/department objectives and will be part of an individual teacher's growth plan. For some, that may include a focus on technology integration, curriculum mapping, differentiation in a bi-lingual classroom, inquiry approaches to learning, or a Balanced Literacy Programme. In the past two years since opening we have invited the Institute of Education, No. 1 in the World, for two tailor made courses based on our unique curriculum, sent teachers for learning visits to our Bromsgrove UK partner school, sent teachers to professional development courses (such as ACAMIS offerings), built relationships with the University of Education Hong Kong, organised visits to other inquiry-based schools in the city, facilitated structured peer to peer learning, hired instructional coaches for the school - and much more.

    We are confident that the school will be a dynamic place to develop professionally and that it offers opportunities for teachers at a variety of stages in their career.

  • Application Process

    Thank you for considering Bromsgrove School Mission Hills. Teachers will be hired at Search Associates recruitment fairs and other fairs as necessary, and while. we prefer to conduct interviews fact-to-face we understand that this is not always possible; as such, where necessary we will conduct interviews via Skype or WeChat.

    Vacancies will be listed on our web-site as well as with Search Associates and CRS recruitment agency. Qualified teachers with a minimum of two years teaching experience are requested to submit the following:

    • Philosophy of Education describing your educational perspectives, interest in the school, ways that you can contribute to the development of the school, experience with curriculum development and involvement in co-curricular activities.
    • Employment History/Curriculum Vitae outlining your qualifications, degrees, certification, experience and the contact details of 3 referees (including email addresses)
    • Letters of Reference from at least two current supervisors

    Submit your application package to:

    Anna Packman
    Head of Pre-School and Prep School
    Bromsgrove School Mission Hills
    No.8 Mission Hills Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen,China annapackman@bmh.education