What’s on Mission Hills

Mission Hills provids multipal facilities including MH Maker, TOK exhibitions and galleries, MH centreville displays and attractions, Eco &Sports Park, MH Golf Academies and Ice Castle, for children to learn and grow.

  • MH Maker (Arts Factory)

    In the Art & Crafts Factory, kids and parents will jointly experience the unique charm of handicraft. Parents will also have a chance to enjoy the wonderful moments of growth and development of their children. The process of the handicraft courses will enhance the kids’ divergent thinking and manipulative abilities, and improve their concentration, observation, imagination and creativity. Let’s encourage a precious and wonderful childhood for your kids together!

  • TOK exhibitions and galleries

    When you visit our TOK exhibition and galleries, sometimes you may feel as if you are a talented painter with a colourful imagination at Marysville Exhibition, sometimes you may be amazed by Chinese splendid paper culture at a paper exhibition, and you might even feel as though you took a trip through time and around the world. What an amazing and educational experience for our little inquiring minds.

  • MH Centreville displays and attractions

    A shopping mall with world-class entertainment facilities that holds a wide-range of interesting parent-child activities: talent shows on stage, balloon parades, Halloween parties, dinosaur displays and more! Please keep an eye out for updates - looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Eco & Sport Park

    Playing with your little friends at the playground, observing a variety of animals at the eco zoo, having a field trip at the beautiful park, making the most of sports potential at the world-class tennis courts and this summer you also can take the ferris wheel to overlook the largest golf court in the world. It is a wonderland for our lovely kids to explore.

  • MH Golf Academies

    The Mission Hills Golf Academies, with golf instructors from around the world holding many years of experience and knowledge, offer a junior missionaries development programme for our kids. Their mission is to progress our children from beginner to elite level winners by optimising their golf skills and physical attributes.

  • Ice Castle

    Participation in sports is an integral and enjoyable part of a child's development and of the overall BMH curriculum plan. We are committed to offering a dynamic and exciting programme in line with the many varied interests that exist. The Ice Castle International Training Centre is an important part of our robust and multi-pronged Physical Education programme. Since December 2015, we have opened ice-skating class for our older Pre-School students.