Why Bromsgrove School Mission Hills

Bromsgrove School Mission Hills created a unique programme that combines best practice from both East and West, and values rich Chinese culture and history.

  • Why Bromsgrove School Mission Hills

    At Bromsgrove School Mission Hills, we are committed to building a pre-eminent school. Our programme is unique, with a blend of best practice from both East and West, focusing on the wide benefits of bilingualism and remaining, always, focused on success for the child and open-minded to innovative approaches to achieving this success. Our partnership with Bromsgrove School, UK, brings the depth and breadth of expertise and knowledge a historically successful school affords, elevated with the passion and pioneering spirit of a newly established school. We are constructing an exciting new campus and continue to leverage the world-class facilities available to us through the Mission Hills Group. We are dedicated to hiring successful teachers with a proven track record, who can best deliver our engaging and challenging programme of learning.

    The decision that parents make about where to send their child to school is undeniably an important and personal one. It is crucial to be well-informed about the school’s philosophy, goals and approaches to ensure these align with those of the family and the needs of the child.

    We are dedicated to building a dynamic learning community and we invite you to share in this exciting journey.

  • China Context / Traditional Virtues

    China Context

    With a combined focus on international studies and Chinese language, culture and tradition, BMH is committed to the development of the whole child. It is our intent to inspire students to be internationally minded, responsible, and caring individuals.

    We recognise the importance of family in Chinese society and in much the same way that the family has a greater opportunity to thrive and prosper if harmony prevails at home, the school will function more efficiently when individuals collaborate and cooperate with others to form a strong sense of community.

    In line with Chinese tradition, we will set high standards and place appropriate emphasis on hard work and achievement. We seek to create an enriched learning environment for children. We value knowledge and the ability to communicate and reflect on that knowledge. We believe strongly in the pursuit of excellence as it relates to the intellectual, creative and physical domains.

    In the development of curriculum units of study, our teaching staff will be expected to weave or integrate specific Chinese examples through all disciplines and divisions. All of our students will study Chinese (and English) to a high level. We intend to invite into our classrooms experts in the various Chinese arts so that students can develop a greater appreciation of traditional and contemporary culture. Chinese cultural events, festivals and performances will be celebrated in the school. In addition, students in the Senior School will be provided with opportunities to take their learning outside of the classroom as they participate in varied and authentic over-night China studies field trips in different parts of the country.

    Traditional Virtues

    At BMH we strive to make every individual feel valued, happy and successful. We subscribe to the notion of a values-based approach to education. The development of good character is a priority in this regard and will assist us with fostering a caring, safe and healthy learning environment. Principles that guide behaviour will be clearly identified and taught and will form a significant part of the fabric of our school.

    We take our lead from the Core Values that are part of our Mission Statement and from the IB Learner Profile. In addition, we are inspired by the ancient Chinese who cultivated and monitored themselves according to the Five Constant Virtues:

    • Ren (Compassion and Kindness)
      We will endeavour to act with kindness, empathy and understanding in our relationship with others.
    • Yi(Principles and Justice)
      We will show personal integrity in all that we do and will demonstrate principled behaviour, fairness and a commitment to higher standards and justice.
    • Li(Respect)
      We will base our interactions and relationships on courtesy and respect and will endeavour to control our impulses and act after careful consideration.
    • Zhi (Intelligence and Wisdom)
      We will use the knowledge we have obtained and graft that onto our sense of intuition and judgment to make wise choices in life.
    • Xin(Honesty)
      We recognize that honesty and trust form the foundation to enduring relationships and are critical for building an authentic community within the school.

    Did you know?

    Most second-language learners are able to successfully use a second language to communicate in social situations and day-to-day classroom interactions within a year or two.


    Admissions officers at highly selective universities look for students whose aptitudes and interests set them apart from other applicants. A student's fluency in a second language can be one of the critical factors that impact the success of the application.

    Beginner Level Chinese and English classes will be offered at various grade levels for students new to the school. Therefore, students without prior knowledge or experience with English or Chinese language may apply.